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Mama Bird is a southern inspired kitchen and smokehouse.

Our restaurant celebrates and revives what it means to be home-made and backyard-smoked with a fresh, modern take on traditional dishes.

​We invite guests to reminisce of a time gone by where southern homes and backyards were always open to welcome in neighbors or folks just passing through.

From ole Dixie Fried Chicken to low’n-slow Smoked Texas Brisket.

A home-cooked meal is always wholesome, hearty and good.

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Menus & Catering

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Ginger Beer


Liam's Ginger Beer is a house made & hand crafted non-alcoholic ginger beer. It is made fresh from only four of natures finest natural ingredients: purified water, fresh ginger, hand squeezed lime juice and raw sugar.  

It is free of fillers, preservatives and artificial flavors for a crisp, refreshing taste with a little sparkle of effervescence. 

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Find Us

10550 Southern Highlands Parkway - Ste 140
Las Vegas, Nevada 89141
(702) 570 - 6135
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Mama Bird is proud to have been featured in many local publications including the Las Vegas Review Journal, being recognized for our food and service.  For public relations, outreach opportunities and featured articles, please contact us by stopping by, calling the restaurant or writing to: pitmaster@mamabirdsk.com


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Mama Bird is always looking for talented individuals to join our growing family.  

We actively seek experienced individuals with a great attitude and a strong work ethic who exude southern hospitality.  

We treat our employees in the same manner as we want them to treat our guests, with warm appreciation,

offering competitive wages and embrace them like they are a part of our family.  

When possible, we strive to promote within, coaching and developing our team to help them grow. 

Each and every member of our team is valued for their hard work, skills and dedication.  

We actively recruit cashiers, cooks, prep cooks and dishwashers.  

We’re Hiring

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Mama Bird

10550 Southern Highlands Parkway Ste 140
Las Vegas, Nevada 89141

(702) 570-6135

  • Monday 8am - 9pm

  • Tuesday 8am - 9pm

  • Wednesday 8am - 9pm

  • Thursday 8am - 9pm

  • Friday 8am - 9pm

  • Saturday 8am - 9pm

  • Sunday 8am - 9pm

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